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We know there are many different levels of classic car enthusiasts and will work with you to find the classic car insurance appropriate for your needs.

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    Shopping for the best classic car insurance provider in NY? DCAP Insurance can provide you with the lowest premiums and protection your precious possession deserves. Classic car insurance is a bit different from traditional car insurance. It is primarily a vehicle that you don’t aim to have as your primary mode of transportation. It usually must meet two conditions. First, it must be stored in a locked garage. And two only used for leisure or expeditions and shows. There are other age and replica stipulations as well. Coverages for classic car insurance are generally the same, but on comp and collision, the vehicle must have a declared value agreed upon by the owner and the insured. DCAP Insurance is one of the most trusted insurance agencies in New York. If you are looking for classic car insurance in NY, contact us today to learn more about the plans we offer and get a free quote today!