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Commercial Auto Insurance

DCAP Insurance is proud to announce a partnership with Progressive! As insurance providers, we know that keeping your vehicles on the road is crucial to any business. Commercial auto insurance and commercial van insurance provides coverage for your fleet of vehicles and drivers against injury, loss or damage to vehicles or cargo, plus damage to other property. Commercial auto insurance is necessary even if your drivers have regular auto insurance, because vehicles involved in an accident while engaged in company business may not be covered by their personal auto policy.

A small business using a vehicle with private insurance for commercial purposes may be liable for misrepresentation. NY businesses must have commercial auto insurance, which provides broader coverage than regular vehicle insurance, including liability and the cost of hiring replacement vehicles while a damaged auto is in the shop. If your business owns a number of cars and trucks, you should be able to negotiate a competitive rate for your fleet insurance in New York.

Here are some of the businesses whose commercial auto insurance needs we answer on a regular basis:

  • Adult/Child Day Care
  • Airport/Hotel Shuttle Services
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Couriers–Florists
  • Farming & Livestock
  • Food Truck/Ice Cream Vendors
  • Manufacturing & Wholesale Trade
  • Pest Control
  • Pizza/Restaurant Delivery
  • Religious/Non-Profit Organizations
  • Wholesale Route Distributors

The DCAP/Progressive alignment creates the best commercial auto insurance provider in the metropolitan New York area! No matter what kind of insurance you need—whether it’s business auto insurance, pickup truck insurance, van insurance, truck insurance, tow truck insurance or dump truck insurance—our experts can get quotes for these commercial auto insurance policies and help you find the cheapest and best policy for you.

DCAP offers cheap commercial car insurance, as well as many other types of insurances, including property insurance, throughout the tri-state area, (Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Long Island, and Westchester). Contact us for a Free Quote on commercial auto insurance or commercial van insurance or call us at (800) 236-7873!

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