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Don’t be caught unprepared in case of an accident or injury involving your jet ski. DCAP’s jet ski insurance is a must-have for any owner and we’ll work with you to find rates that are both comprehensive and affordable.

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    Are you shopping for the best jet ski insurance in NY? DCAP Insurance can help you find the best and most affordable jet ski insurance on the river. Jet skis, or rather personal watercrafts (PWIs), encompass many styles of devices. WaveRunner and Sea-Doo are just a couple of names we know them by. In any case, Jet Ski insurance insures you against damages, vandalism, and liability. It can also cover medical expenses for you and your riders if you are at fault in the accident. There are add-ons to pay expenses regardless of fault as well. DCAP Insurance is one of the most trusted insurance agencies in New York. If you are looking for jet ski insurance in NY, contact us today to learn more about the plans we offer and get a free quote today!