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Large Truck Insurance

Protect your business from accidental damage, injury, and other unforeseen damages. DCAP Insurance is New York's large truck insurance expert. Our experienced agents understand the unique needs of trucks and truckers in NYC, Long Island, and Westchester. Contact us today and find out why truckers love DCAP!

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    Getting large truck insurance in New York just got a lot easier

    New York City truckers have a tough gig. In order to own and operate a cargo truck in New York, you have to navigate a complex web of taxes, unions, special licenses, registrations, variances, and exceptions. All that paperwork makes owning a cargo truck hard enough. Luckily, getting insurance for your large truck is easy thanks to DCAP Insurance. We even do the paperwork for you!

    DCAP Insurance can help you get large truck insurance that provides full coverage in case of accidents, injuries, natural disasters, and unforeseen events of all kinds. Our expert brokers will get you the best rates on insurance for your trucking business. Best of all, DCAP agents will do all the federal and state filings for you at no extra cost.

    We take the time to get to know you and your business

    Insurance coverage can vary depending on a variety of factors:
    • USDOT authority
    • Type of vehicle insured
    • the type of cargo you will be hauling
    • your hauling radius
    • your driver’s driving history
    • how long your company has been in business

    Getting the right coverage depends on what your needs are. That’s why the DCAP difference is so important. Instead of trying to squeeze every customer into a one-size-fits-most policy, we ask the right questions so we can get you the right quotes. That’s the DCAP difference.

    Why DCAP?

    DCAP Insurance agents will go over all these factors and more with you to pre-qualify your policy so you don’t have to waste time getting quotes from the wrong insurance companies. The DCAP difference: we take the time to get to know you, your drivers, your business, and your goals, so we can get the best commercial trucking insurance for YOU and your business. DCAP Insurance is one of the most trusted insurance agencies in New York. If you are looking for large truck insurance in NYC, Long Island, or Westchester, contact us today!