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Motorcycle Insurance

If you own a motorcycle, you should get motorcycle insurance. The insurance policy you require may depend on how you use the bike – for business, for travel to work, for sport, or any combination thereof. NY motorcycle insurance covers most types of bikes, including cruisers, touring bikes, high-performance motorbikes, street sport bikes and scooters.

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    Are you on the hunt for a motorcycle insurance policy in NY? DCAP Insurance is in the business of providing riders with the lowest price and the best protection on the blacktop. Motorcycle riders are unique individuals. They love the open road and the sound of their engines, and the feel of the motors revving. They want the coverage their ride deserves. Motorcycle insurance will protect your cycle with collision coverage and injuries you sustain in the event of an accident. However, be aware that some aftermarket parts like sidecars and saddlebags may not be covered unless you specifically add them to your policy. DCAP Insurance is one of the most trusted insurance agencies in New York. If you are looking for motorcycle insurance in NY, contact us today to learn more about the plans we offer and get a free quote today!