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      Motorcycle Insurance

      If you own a motorcycle, you should get motorcycle insurance. The insurance policy you require may depend on how you use the bike – for business, for travel to work, for sport, or any combination thereof. NY motorcycle insurance covers most types of bikes, including cruisers, touring bikes, high-performance motorbikes, street sport bikes and scooters.

      Motorcycle insurance protects your motorcycle with collision coverage to cover the costs of repair or replacement. You must have full liability coverage to insure against injury to others – pedestrians or other drivers – whether the accident is your fault or not. Additional options include Guest Passenger Liability Coverage, which is important if you carry passengers on your motorcycle, and Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage, which protects you if you collide with a vehicle that is not insured or underinsured. Medical Payments Coverage typically provides payment on most medical treatment for motorcycle owners or passengers.

      Because of the complexity of motorcycle insurance, we recommend you talk to one of our experts or apply for full motorcycle insurance quotes. DCAP can help a motorcyclist obtain insurance discounts if he or she is a member of motorcycle organization, has taken a safety course, or owns a number of vehicles. To make sure that you are fully protected when you ride your motorcycle in New York, Contact us for a Free Quote or call us at (800) 236-7873! for Queens motorcycle insurance rates!