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      Renters Insurance

      If you rent a property in New York, you don’t need a home insurance policy, but you should insure your belongings. Imagine losing your TV, your computer, jewelry and other valuables – this is not a risk that you should take! Renters insurance covers losses to your personal property as a result of fire or theft and is not expensive. A Tenant’s Package Policy can cost less than $20 per month for coverage worth $35,000.

      Many New York landlords require renters insurance. Cheap New York renters insurance policies also cover you for damage to the landlord’s property and third party coverage for anyone injured in your apartment by you or your property. You can also take out living expense coverage to protect you if your apartment becomes uninhabitable.

      Renters insurance protects you and your property, however small it may be! Wherever you rent in New York City or New York state, Contact us for a Free Quote or call us at (800) 236-7873! for the best free renter insurance quote.