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Rideshare Insurance (Uber & Lyft)

Rideshare Insurance for Uber and Lyft drivers in New York City, Long Island, and Westchester. Get specialized coverage for your mixed use commercial vehicle that covers accidents, injuries, liability, and damages, at a price you can afford.

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    Cheap rideshare insurance in NYC

    Trying to find the best rideshare insurance in NYC, Long Island, or Westchester can be a difficult task. Luckily DCAP Insurance can provide a wide selection of coverage options for your rideshare vehicle. Rideshare insurance rates depend on a number of factors:

    • Where you drive
    • your driving record
    • What kind of vehicle you drive
    • How long you’ve been a driver
    • How long you’ve had your medallion

    What’s the difference between taxi insurance and rideshare insurance?

    There are a few differences between taxi insurance and rideshare insurance. First, Taxi Cab drivers in NYC are required to have a Class A-E commercial license (CDL), while most rideshares only require a ‘regular’ class D license. However, New York has unique laws that govern rideshare drivers, so many rideshare drivers in NYC have a CDL. Commercial licenses are harder to get, and require additional driving knowledge. This makes drivers with a CDL easier (and often cheaper) to insure.

    Another difference between rideshare and taxi insurance is the value of the vehicle that needs to be insured. Because many Rideshare apps have luxury options (like Uber Lux), the valuation of rideshare vehicles is often a little higher than the average taxi cab. The more valuable the vehicle is, the more it costs to insure.

    In NYC, luxury rideshare drivers with a Class D license may be subject to a higher premium. To make sure you get the best deal on your rideshare insurance, it pays to shop with DCAP Insurance. For 30 years we’ve been helping New York cab drivers, livery drivers, and now rideshare drivers get insured for less. We know all the insurance companies, and we know the laws of the land.

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    New York's best broker for rideshare insurance

    There’s no better place in the country for a taxi driver than the New York City area! But before opening a cab company—indeed, before even purchasing the first vehicle—make sure to invest in taxi insurance from DCAP, whether it be cheap taxi insurance or premium grade livery insurance for NY from DCAP.

    The taxi company is responsible and liable for all the passengers it ferries around the city. One accident can bankrupt the company, so it is imperative for every vehicle in the fleet to have taxi insurance. DCAP’s staff has decades of experience in procuring cheap taxi insurance for companies throughout the tri-state area and takes pride in finding livery insurance that is both affordable and comprehensive.

    Serving NYC livery drivers for over 30 years

    DCAP offers NYC livery insurance, as well as many other types of insurance, in Manhattan as well as in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island and on Long Island. Contact us for a Free Quote on cheap taxi insurance or call us at 1-800-293-DCAP