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Waterfront Home Insurance

Water front home insurance protects everything in your house, inside and out. Don’t wait on securing this insurance until it’s too late and your property and valuables have sustained unrecoverable damage.

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    Are you searching for the best water front home insurance in NY? DCAP Insurance can provide you with the protection your home needs at the lowest rates in the market. You want to ensure your seaside home is protected from anything mother nature throws at it. DCAP Insurance aims to protect you and your home. Waterfront home insurance is pretty much a catch-all for home perils for those who live near bodies of water. It can be a multi-line insurance policy that includes Food, Windstorm, and High Hazard Homeowners insurance. DCAP Insurance is one of the most trusted insurance agencies in New York. If you are looking for waterfront home insurance in NY, contact us today to learn more about the plans we offer and get a free quote today!”