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Queens Village, Queens NY

We're the #1 LOCAL insurance broker in Queens NY and all 5 boroughs. If you need insurance for your busy lifestyle, you need DCAP Insurance. Locally owned and operated in Queens for over 30 years.

Queens Village–Queens NY

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    Dianna Bipat
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    211- 25 Jamaica Avenue
    Queens Village, New York  11428

    Insurance Services in Queens Village NY

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    Insurance shopping can be trying. Who has the best home insurance in NY? Who will offer you the cheapest car insurance in NY? The great thing is that DCAP Insurance has you covered. Check your key ring. Chances are that many other treasures that you have a key to, we can help you insure. Your car and home we’ve already mentioned. Other possessions we can help protect are RVs, boats, and other watercrafts. We can even provide coverage for
    motorcycle insurance for new riders.

    Also, living so close to the water, we can help you keep your home and rental properties protected by working with the best Flood Insurance companies. Give us a call for a quote. DCAP Insurance is one of the most trusted insurance agencies in New York. We offer competitive rates and personal service that will tailor an insurance plan that meets your needs. To learn more about the insurance plans we offer contact us today!